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Unipair is

Ilcirco, first shoes select shop in Korea, opened at November 2008 to introduce mens shoes for Koren customers who adored shoes. Then February 2011 the exclusive shoe store Unipair opened with the desire of showing ‘Only one shoes just for you, in the whole world’.

Unipair has been spreading the culture and value of mens shoes including shoes construction and keeping our faith to become the best shoes store that makes the customers satisfied.

At Unipair, the customer can meet 11 authentic shoes brands such as Edward Green, John Lobb, Alden, Paraboot, Tricker’s, Carmina etc and Unipair Goodyear Welted Collection which has made through techincal cooperation with Japanese shoemaker 42nd Royal Highland. There are about 17 different accessory brands range from tie, belt, gloves to eyewear, socks, hats, scarf.

Unipair History

ILCIRCO opens in Seoul
As the ‘Shop-in-shop’ within ‘San Francisco Market’, the shoes select shop “Ilcirco’ was opend.

Introducing Alden and Edward Green to Korean Gentlemen
Introducing Alden and Edward Green to Korean customers

Noted for the shell cordovan shoes, the Alden from Massachusetts, US and Edward Green, the representative of British classic shoes were introduced to Korean customers for the first time.

Opening of new store named UNIPAIR in Seoul
After changing its name from ‘Ilcirco’ to ‘Unipair’, the location was moved and independent select shoes shop for gentlemen, the Unipair, opened.

RESH opens in UNIPAIR main store
The shoe-repair shop, RESH opened and located within Unipair.

Official Agent for Paraboot
Unipair became the official Korean agent of Paraboot

UNIPAIR Corporation was founded

Opening of UNIPAIR’s online store
The online store of Unipair opened for the customers who have difficulty visiting the offline store.

Introducing Carmina women’s shoes
Starting with Paraboot, Unipair composed the selections for womens by introducing Carmina’s womens collections.


UNIPAIR launches own shoe collection
With an cooperation work with ‘42nd Royal Highland’, the shoemaker of Japan, Unipair designed and launched its own ‘Goodyear Welted’ collections. It was known for the name of each models after the name of Korean streets.

TRADING FLOOR opens in Seoul
Among the brands of Unipair main store, ‘Trading Floor’ opened and introduced the models from each brand with much more reasonable prices. The casual shoes and clothing with different concepts compared to Unipair, was sold through ‘Trading Floor’.

Drake’s Dosan opens in Seoul
Drake’s Dosan, which is a brand that has been continuously introduced since the early days of Unipair, has exclusively launched a shop in Seoul and it is the 4th shop following London, New York and Tokyo in the world.

Official Agent for Tricker’s
Unipair became the official agent for Tricker’s

Official Agent for Drake’s
Unipair became the official agent for Drake’s

Paraboot Hannam opens in Seoul
The Paraboot, a brand that has been introduced for seven years at the Unipair main store. To offer a wider arrange of products, the exclusive Paraboot store was officially opened as ‘Paraboot Hannam’.

Introducing John Lobb
The prestigious shoemaker John Lobb has been introduced to Unipair main store.

Opening of Unipair Gwangju
To introduce Unipair shoes at many regions in Korea, Unipair Gwangju opened.


“Good shoes gives a sense of satisfaction when wearing it and adds elegant beauty and depths to customer’s life.”

The standards we select the collection of shoes are highly particular. We take into accounts whether the shoes is valuable after we try out all the shoes as the customer’s perspective. The selected collections imply our desire for customers ‘To experience comfortable, high quality, and honest brand’s shoes’. The customers can find various collections range from entry collection to high priced collection such as more than $2,000.

After a customer choose the desired type of shoes at Unipair store, the staff will measure the size of customer carefully. The customer can try 3 different sizes that is similar to his/her size and will find the well-fitted shoes that perfectly match the length, width, and the top of foot. Futhermore, the customers can receive style guides from trained staffs more than shoes sizes. The style guides include preferred outfit, the purpose of buying shoes and budgets.

More than 90% of shoes that Unipair choose and sell are made with ‘Goodyear Welted’ construction. The advantage of goodyear welted shoes is the outsole can be replaced if it worn out. Also the goodyear welted shoes has high durability, comfortable fitting when walking and less tiredness when standing for a long time. Even the customer have worn the shoes for more than 10 years, the shoes that replaced the outsole will fit perfectly because the shape changed as the shape of feet and the softened leather is much more comfortable than new shoes.




“Some people wondered the necessity of buying expensive shoes because the way of dressing and lifestyle became more casual these days. However, ‘wearing well-made shoes’ is an attitude to protect specific culture and a sophisticated way to show kind of romance. If you wear a proper clothes and shoes for special dinner at restaurants, it will make your partner and the time especial. The attitude that keeping T.P.O(Time, Place, Occation) is quite essential rules for mens and give elegance to them. Unipair hopes to be the part of sharing these lifestyles with customers.”

“Jay Kang” Managing Director

Main Store

37-1, Eonju-ro 164-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
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Mon – Sat : 11am ~ 9pm
Sun : 12pm ~ 8pm
Open Year-Round

Unipair Gwangju

14, Sangmuhwawon-ro 4beon-gil,
Seo-gu, Gwangju, Korea
TEL : 062-382-1997
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Opening Hours
Mon – Sat : 11am ~ 9pm
Sun : 12pm ~ 8pm
Open Year-Round


37-1, Eonju-ro 164-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
CS center : 1644-6190
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Opening Hours
Mon – Fri : 10am ~ 5pm
Closed on Weekend, National Holiday

Trading Floor

2F, 38, Eonju-ro 164-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
TEL : 070-5014-6388
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Opening Hours
Tue – Sat : 11am ~ 8pm
Closed on Sunday, Monday