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Size Chart


KR 245 250 255 260 265 270 275 280 285 290 295 300
UK 6 7 8 9 10 10½ 11
US 6 7 8 9 10 10½ 11 11½
EU 39½ 40 40½ 41 41½ 42 42½ 43 43½ 44 44½ 45

The above chart is a standard using generally. It can be differed from brand, last, materials etc.



KR  220  225  230  235  240  245  250  255  260
UK    3   3½    4   4½    5   5½    6   6½    7
US    5   5½    6   6½    7   7½    8   8½    9
EU   36  36½   37  37½   38  38½   39 39½   40

The above chart is a standard using generally. It can be differed from brand, last, materials etc.



  UK E F  G   H

The width means range from left to right and most of shoemakers set the D,E as average width.
The width varies from each brand and the lasts.


Size Tips

Q. Why there should be some space on the front of shoes?
A. Yes, it is essential. When the wearer walks, the pain can be caused if there is no space on the front. It doesn’t have to be much space but a little one which the toes can be movable.

Q. Why is it important to matching the big-toe joint to the shoes?
A. The big-toe joint is the part where toes are bending. You need to check whether the joint matches to the front part of shoes which bends when walking. It is ideal that the joint should match to the dot inside of the shoes.

Q. Is it okay the little toe touching the front part of shoes?
A. No, it isn’t. The wide side of little toe can be touched but if you can feel the edge is touching inside of the shoes, it can cause pains when walking.

Q. In case of oxford shoes, how much length of lace stay should be opened?
A. When tying the lace, it is appropriate to have about 5mm space. After wearing few more times, the leather will be softened, and insole will be pressed. Then the lace stay will be fully closed. For ones who have high top part of foot, the fitting can be uncomfortable so the derby(blutcher) will fit more well.


How to measure the size


1. Print the image as PDF file on the below.

2. Cut the picture 1, 2 (width measure) and fold along the lines. The line 3,4 should be folded correctly.

3. Put your feet apart and stand comfortably so that the weight of body put evenly.

4. Put your heel at the edge of line 1.

5. Move your big-toe joint to match the line 2 and measure it.

6. Place the picture 2(width measure) at line 3.

7. The number measured at step 4 should be match with the alphabet on the picture 2(width measure). The checked alphabet is your width.

8. The length is the number of the longest toe.

9. The size of reference image is 8.5 and width is between D~E.

PDF download


Return & Refund Policy

*The cancellation of products is possible within 7 days starting from the date the customer received the product.

*To be eligible for a return/refund, the product must be unused and in the same condition that the customer received it.

*The product must be in original packaging.

Below cases are examples of return and refund are impossible.
– If the tag is removed or the product is damaged by opening the box
– If the customer used the product or there has been significant marks of using the product
– The damage of the product / its box / product value such as lost of product
– The refund of sale product is impossible and the exchange of size is limited to one time.

The customer has to inform the return and refund to previously.

If the customer wants to process the return and refund, he/she has to pay for the return shipping charges.
*The refund will proceed after subtracting shipping fee from product payment in case of sending the product as C.O.D.

Contact to for further inquires and detailed information.